10 of the best

Below is a selection of 10 tried and tested workouts, they will give your conditioning one hell of a kicking. I've done them all myself and with clients and classes alike, take my word for it they DO work. With each workout you get a full description on how to perform it. The workouts, where possible, are available as downloadable training posters.

A selection of these workouts are available to purchase as downloadable training posters here. If your interested in more of these kind of workouts head over to my new Personal Training website.

'seven up'

Seven exercises. Seven rounds. Seven reps. For time.
Perform seven reps on each exercise, completing seven rounds as fast as possible. For exercises four and five, make sure you perform seven reps on each side.

  • Two Hand Swings
  • Goblet Squats
  • Overhead Press
  • Windmill / Side
  • Overhead Lunge / Side
  • Thruster
  • Double Crunch 

Try to complete the WOD without putting the kettlebell on the floor. You could also try performing the exercises with 2 x kettlebells for that extra added difficulty. But you must be proficient with 1 x kettlebell first.


'stairway to hell'

Four exercises. Five ladders. Little to no rest.
This is tough on your shoulders, and tough on your strength both mentally and physically. Start at one rep and build to five, sounds so simple...

  • Racked Squat / Side
  • Racked Press / Side
  • Overhead Lunge / Side
  • Windmill / Side

Start on the right side and perform one rep on each exercise. After the last exercise (4), perform the same routine on the left side, starting at the first exercise. Once you have completed one rep of each exercise on both sides, repeat, but performing two reps. Keep the same format going adding a rep each round, until you get to five reps. Once you have completed five reps, that's one ladder. Aim to complete five ladders in total.

'double trouble'

Two Kettlebells. Five exercises. Five rounds. For time.
Perform 5 - 10 - 20 - 10 - 5 reps on each of the consecutive exercises in a fast a time as possible. Start by completing 5 x Push-Ups, then 5 x Renegade Row, 5 x Double Swing, etc all the way to 5 x Double Squat. Once you have completed the first round of five reps start again at the Push-Ups but complete 10 reps. Follow the same process all the way through each of the rounds. Aim to complete as fast as possible.

  • Push-Up
  • Renegade Row
  • Double Swing
  • Double Clean
  • Double Crunch 

For added difficulty you could go for heavier Kettlebells or a selection of different pairs. Personally I prefer one set. A little tip for you: When you start at the Double Swings, your feet should remain in the same place for the two following exercises. 


'kettlebell 420'

If you've found 'Double Trouble' getting easier try this workout, much more advanced and your technique has to be spot on. Definately warm-up thoroughly before you attempt this. As you may of guessed this workout is 420 reps of agonising and brutal simplicity. Prepare for the pain.

Grab your stopwatch and time yourself! The aim here is to complete all the exercises and repetitions in as fast as time as possible. Take a breather where you need to but try to power on through. To help you mentally get through this, get someone else to time and count your reps for you. This will allow you to get each rep as close to perfect technique as possible; the better the technique, the stronger you'll get and the easier you'll cope with it.
Each exercise should be performed with one kettlebell, except the bodyweight exercises, as indicated. For example, when you perform 100 Snatches I would recommend 50 reps per each side of the body. This is the same for the Clean and Presses. How you get to 100 reps is upto you, if you can't manage 50 reps on one side in one go, drop down to reps of 10 and keep switching sides until you hit the magic 100 mark.
100 x Snatches
100 x 2 Arm Swings
50 x Push-Ups (bodyweight)
60 x V-Sit Ups (bodyweight)
100 x Clean and Presses
10 x Burpees (bodyweight)
For added difficulty you could go for a heavier kettlebell. But better yet.......double up; use two kettlebells at the same time where possible i.e. Swings and Snatches etc, further more add weight to the bodyweight exercises, perform the sit-ups holding a weight, have someone place a weight disc on your back whilst you do the push-ups.

'steves 500 rep challenge'

A pretty simple workout this one. A no thrills wonder workout. Your challenge if you choose to accept it, is to complete 5 rounds of 100 reps in as quick a time as possible. This workout brings you 500 reps of sweat and probably tears, not of pain, but of absolute relief you got through. Time yourself if your particulary nuts and try to beat it. DO NOT attempt this workout without having a reasonable level of fitness.

So you think of yourself as THE man? You like a challenge? If Carlsberg made conditioning workouts this may be the best conditioning workout in the world. It's a simple workout; 5 rounds of 100 reps of various exercises. Brought together and designed to blast fat, boost your fitness levels like nothing else before and strengthen the whole-body as one unit.Here's what you need to do:
10 x Racked Squats R/S
10 x Thrusters R/S
10 x Overhead Lunges R/S
10 x Racked Squats L/S
10 x Thrusters L/S
10 x Overhead Lunges L/S
30 x Squat Thrusts
10 x Box Jumps (knee height)
Remember it's as fast as you can, so try not to take to many breathers. The squat thrusts and box jumps are performed without a kettlebell, just your own bodyweight. For added difficulty you could go for heavier kettlebells throughout or just keep swapping over weights depending on your strengths. Aim for 20 mins if your in decent condition!

'kettlebell killer'

Simplistic kettlebell training at its best, and timed to perfection. If you can master the 2 Arm Swing this could be the simplist, not necessarily the easiest workout for you. Should take less than 10 minutes, depending upon conditioning. But after that 10 minutes you WILL be finished.

Grab your stopwatch and time yourself! The aim here is to complete all the burpees and swings in as fast as time as possible. Take a breather where you need to but try to power on through. Make sure you try and stay relaxed with your breathing, this isn't known as the kettlebell killer workout for no reason.....your lungs will be on fire! This is a very quick blast of a workout but one of the most brutal. Make a note of the time and keep trying to beat it, anytime under 10 minutes is respectable.
1 x Burpee (bodyweight)
10 x 2 Arm Swings
2 x Burpees (bodyweight)
10 x 2 Arm Swings
3 x Burpees (bodyweight)
10 x 2 Arm Swings
4 x Burpees (bodyweight)
10 x 2 Arm Swings
5 x Burpees (bodyweight)
10 x 2 Arm Swings
6 x Burpees (bodyweight)
10 x 2 Arm Swings
7 x Burpees (bodyweight)
10 x 2 Arm Swings
8 x Burpees (bodyweight)
10 x 2 Arm Swings
9 x Burpees (bodyweight)
10 x 2 Arm Swings
10 x Burpees (bodyweight)
10 x 2 Arm Swings
For added difficulty you could go for a heavier kettlebell or double up on the kettlebells for the swings. But better yet and my personal favourite.......once you have reached the landmark of 10 Burpees and 10 Swings power your way back down to 1 Burpee and 10 Swings with as little rest as possible.

'spartan supreme'

The idea for this workout came from the Spartan 300 workout; 10 exercises and 30 reps of each. Quite an advanced workout so not for beginners to kettlebell training. Your conditioning will be beaten, your body fat will be burned, and you will feel leaner and stronger each time you perform this workout.

You perform each exercise for 30 repetitions, with as little rest between each as possible. This circuit is timed so bring your stopwatch and keep competing against yourself to better your time. Better yet compete against someone else and have a race to the end; obviously you would need a couple of people to keep count to make sure no-one cheats. Each exercise should be performed with two kettlebells. For the Single Arm Row and the Suitcase Deadlift perform 15 reps per side, with the two kettlebells in one hand.
Alternating Chest Press
Front Squats
2 Arm Swings
Alternating Bent Over Row
Sutcase Deadlift/Side
Military Press
Single Arm Row/Side
Burpees (bodyweight)
For added difficulty you could go for a heavier kettlebells.


The idea for this workout came from the infamous UK television series. Starting at 100 reps you work your way down to 10 reps, busting fat, gaining strength and burning calories along the way. No Vorderman in site though!

Perform the exercises and repetitions as indicated. Your working from the lower-body straight into the upper-body, so muscle groups get a good rest. For the single sided exercises you perform half the indicated repetitions on each side, i.e. 100 Overhead Lunges is 50 per side, 30 Military Presses is 15 per side. Try to work your way through exercise to exercise with as little rest as possible.
100 Overhead Lunges/Side
90 Chest Presses
80 Swings (2 arm)
70 Reverse Lunges/Side
60 Single Arm Rows/Side
50 Swings/Side
40 Squats
30 Military Presses/Side
20 Windmills/Side
10 Burpees (bodyweight)
For added difficulty you could go for a heavier kettlebells. Or if your feeling very brave and focused reverse the exercises start at 10 and work your way upto 100 repetitions.

'lucky seven'

This is a tough uncomprimising conditioning workout combining kettlebells with bodyweight exercises! You can go light or heavy, go singular or double up. Either way you will be putting your cardio and strength endurance through the ultimate test!

Perform the exercises and repetitions as indicated. Your looking to perform all 7 exercises back to back for 7 rounds, with 7 repetitions on each exercise. Hence the 'Lucky Seven'; 7 x 7 x 7! All the exercises are single sided apart from the burpees with push-ups. Try to use the same size kettlebell throughout and take as little rest as possible
Single Arm Swings
Burpees with Push-Ups
Single Arm Rows
Clean and Press
Single Arm Squats
For added difficulty you could go for a heavier kettlebell to use throughout the workout or double up on the kettlebells

'six feet under'

A test of your conditioning, concentration and focus in this workout. Can you continually keep track of the round your on and increase the reps each time, when all you can think about is how much sweating, aching and blasting fat away? I think you probably can. But beaware, this starts pretty easy but gets harder and harder the further you get. See how far you can go in 25 minutes

You simply perform each exercise in order in your six times table. So you start with 6 reps on each exercise. Though for the Snatches it's 3 each side, then 12 reps on each (6 snatches each side), 18, 24, 30, 36 etc keep going until your time limit of 25 minutes is up. How far do you think you could get? what do you think you will feel like when you finish? Yep, that's right...like death! Six Feet Under.
Goblet Squats
Squat Thrusts
Two Hand Swings
This is a tough workout on your conditioning so only attempt this if you feel physically fit and can perform all the exercises with decent technique, especially the snatches. For added difficulty you could go for a heavier kettlebell to use throughout the workout or chop and change with weights depending on your strength and weaknesses