Welcome friends, my name is Steve Dawson. I am Personal Trainer and vastly experienced Kettlebell Instructor based in Manchester, UK. I am also Coach of Manchester Kettlebell Club and a Gymnastic Bodies Athlete.

Initially this website was my own Personal Training website, but now I am opening it up entirely to the world of Kettlebell Training. Whether you train 'Hardstyle' or 'Girevoy Sport'. I aim to make this the hub of all things kettlebells and the information that goes along with it.

If you wish to contact me with regards to an interest in Personal Training or Online Coaching please click on the banner at the bottom of the page or simply visit www.stevedawsontraining.co.uk.


Latest news....

Now I need your help
As I am turning this into a dedicated Kettlebell Training site. I would like to add a trainers page and have all you wonderful instructors out there advertised on the site. I just need your details so I can get the page started. If you email me your details, so Name, Location, Qualifications, Address, Contact details, and a small paragraph about your training. Once I have a few trainers details collected I will put a page together. It doesn't matter whether you are UK based or in Timbuctoo. The more the merrier.